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Symbotica Game In Progress

Welcome to the home page of Andrew Sage: photographer, painter and designer of Symbotica® - the game to exercise the mind.

I also develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android and Ruby on Rails backend systems through my company ASAE Ltd.

This website is purely a personal site for me. All the business stuff can be found at the end of several links on the site, after all my businesses are more than just a projection of myself!

Currently most of the content here is relating to my photographic hobby. Well maybe it is the next step up from hobby as I have had several exhibitions and sales of my work.

Oh another thing, seeing as I started playing about with websites back in 1994 I think it is only fitting that this website is purely crafted by hand the old fashioned way - no WordPress themes here.

It's nearly Short Courses exhibition time again at Aberdeen's Gray's School of Art so expect some new black & white photos to be appearing here soon.

Any of the photographs on this website are available for purchase in various sizes, framed or unframed. For further details email me at

All images on this website are copyright Andrew Sage unless otherwise stated.

35mm Black and White Film Photography


Foundation Photography Exhibtion 2009

After years of taking photographs with digital cameras I decided to go back to basics and give film photography a go. In order to do this I did a short course at Aberdeen's Gray's School of Art.

The image to the left is of a selection of my prints displayed as part of the 2009 Short Course Student Exhibition.

The photographs demonstrate various tinting techniques and hand painted colouring carried out on black and white prints.


Photography Exhibtion 2010

I did a second photography short course at Gray's School of Art that covered Experimental Photography techniques.

The image to the left is a photograph I took of some of my prints that were displayed as part of the 2010 Short Course Student Exhibition. The image quality is not that good due to the photo being taken in bad corridor lighting. I intend uploading better images from the course at some point in the near future.

Iceland and Jersey - an exhibition of photography

1st September - 21st October 2008

In September 2008 I returned to Aberdeen Arts Centre with my first exhibition in 3 years. The pictures were varied and encompassed everything from the architectural to the abstract, landscapes, seascapes and cloudscapes. This exhibition featured digital photographic images taken earlier in 2008 in Iceland and Jersey. The images were presented as large canvas prints and photographic prints. This was my fifth exhibition.

Aberdeen Arts Centre 2008 Exhibition Poster

Scape Homes Invercowie Show Home Exhibition

4th April 2009

For one day only, Saturday 4th April 2009, a small collection of my photos appeared at the Scape Homes Invercowie show home.

The photos on display can be seen here.

Sunset on St. Brelade's Bay, Jersey

Outside Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Sunset Beach Pebbles

Beach, St. Brelade's Bay, Jersey

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Walker, St. Aubin's Bay, Jersey

Steamy, Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon